lootchest - juni 2017

Duff beer - t-shirt

The iconic beer was known by Homer Simpson. But it has long conquered its way into the beer rack outside of Springfield. Use this shirt to match it to your favorite drink and you will be the hero in Moes Pub! Cheers!


Star Wars - Mug

There's nothing like a coffee in the morning! Just like the popular Star Wars Droide BB-8, sit in a cozy place and enjoy your drink from this unique cup. May the force be with you!


Avengers - Powerfruit Punch

This Powerfruit Punch, together with your Avengers hero, builds a magical vitamin label around you from which all diseases bounce off. Watch out: There are 12 different characters from the Avengers Universe that you can collect! Which of these heroes did we choose for your personal protection?


Star Wars - Stormtrooper

The biggest war in the history of the galaxy takes now place in your kitchen. You will be the new imperator of this Star Wars Stormtrooper and thus have the entire command power over him. You can be sure of his unconditional loyalty - finally someone who dries the dishes for you!


Wonder Woman socks

Cold feet were yesterday, because now you are the proud owner of Wonder Woman socks! Will they help you to get superhuman speed, just as the DC Superhero has it? Just slip in and try it out.



Instead of swinging the lasso of truth, swing those delicious and colorful Rolla Beltas right into your mouth!


PLUS Street Fighter Cup

For the Benelux looters, we got special Street Fighter cups! This licensed Streetfighter cup is now expanding your kitchen range. What special moves do you have? Do you already know the Dragon-Punch or the Hurricane-Kick?

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